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I am Silvia Filippelli, architect and interior designer. Born in Brazil, raised in Italy and England, I currently live and work in Germany.

196+ is my very personal journey and research of architectural spaces around the world. An investigation of the notion of national architecture in the context of globalisation.

My challenge is to research one architectural space in each and every country, from A to Z, every week. Here is a list of countries: ‘one week : one country : one space’

With two small kids, a job and a mortgage, the majority of my travels will be virtual. The likelihood of me going to Namibia one week, then The Netherlands the next are slim. This blog is a combination of journal and research. Hopefully I’ll manage to visit a fraction of the places I cover. Part goal, part dream …

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I welcome and encourage discussion. I thrive on praise, so please go gentle on any criticism.

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